When you are about to go home, your companion or parent will say, “ Hey, take care of yourself,” and you will respond “ you too “ But did you even think about it? How am I going to take care of me?!  what is self-care?

What is Self-care? 

It’s a relationship with our emotions, mental, and body that built on activities we do in order to feel good and energic. then give this feeling to other people, so if you care about yourself you’ll take care about others. it’s not selfish because it’s not your needs alone and everyone will feel good about you.

Benefits of Self-care


Energy and High Spirit come from a healthy body.


Focusing on solutions not the problems and build self confidence.


Innovated and problem solver, that what productivity make you.


Have the ability to interact and communicate with others.

Tips to take care of yourself

Get Enough Sleep


Sleeping can affect you physically and emotionally if you don’t get enough requirement hours ( 6-8 ). So choose a time to go to bed and stick to it, this will prepare your body to sleep better. If you eat or drink before bedtime try to stay away from Caffeine, Sugar, Alcohol, and Cigarettes these will keep you awake.

Don’t stress yourself by thinking about your daily routines or working problems, try to make your bedroom the best place for sleeping, dim the lights, turn off the TV, move away anything distract you like your mobile or laptop.

Healthy Eater

healthy food

it’s not eating what you want just to feel good, self-care with food is about healthy nutrition and beneficial foods that will make you feel good. Don’t forget that your food choices will affect your health every day and in the future.

Healthy eating isn’t about cutting out food, it’s about eating the right amounts to get your needs. don’t stick to a single kind of food or special menu, except for people who are on a medical diet.

Food can impact your gut health, and your gut can affect your weight, your mood and it can be the reason of back pain and some immune system issues. Balanced diet with lots of high-fiber foods, fruits, vegetables will help.

Regular Exercise

exercise at home

Don’t go to the gym every day, I know it’s hard especially if have no time ( like all of us ). However, you can do exercises at home or outside that fit into your schedules, such as walking, running, yoga, and more.

Exercising is good for you physically and mentally to manage your stress levels and boosting your mood. To clarify, how to deal with stress and anxiety is a very important thing when it comes to self-care.

Organize Your Life

Did you ever wake up in the morning and asked yourself, What I’m doing today?. Have you tried to manage your daily tasks instead of running after it, hoping you can finish them without planning?

What about sticking to simple rules set by you, and follow it to make your daily routine easier, finish tasks with your style. like bedtime, sleeping hours, reading time, time for friends and family, read more here about Organizing your life.